Ryan Couture Heading to the UFC

One of my favorite people in MMA to interview is Ryan Couture. I was really excited at the opportunity to watch his fight against KJ Noons on Showtime. It had to be one of the best fights I had watched in a long time. Ryan is a tough as nails guy with a heart the size of Texas. I had the privilege of interviewing Ryan after his fight with KJ And here is what he had to say.

MMABeats: How long is your medical suspension?

Ryan: Acodring to the paperwork there is no suspension but after round two i would have thought it would have been at least 30 days.

MMABeats: KJ Noons has called you out for a rematch. If given  that opportunity would you take a rematch with him?

Ryan: I would take a rematch, but i will fight whoever the UFC sets up for me to fight.

MMABeats: What are your thoughts on moving to the UFC? Do you think it will be a big adjustment for you to make that move??

Ryan: The game and game plan will be the same. The biggest difference is the octagon is bigger and more room to fight.

MMABeats: What are some of your goals heading into the UFC ?
Ryan: I just want to continue to improve and win fights and to work my way into title contention.  The talent pool is about to get a lot deeper so I’m excited for the challenge ahead of me.

MMABeats: What words of wisdom would you have for a person wanting to become a pro MMA fighter ?
Ryan: Fall in love with training.  As long as you’re working hard and improving at every opportunity, the rest will fall into place.
MMABeats: What do you do 1st thing when you wake up?

Ryan: First thing when I wake up I typically take my supplements, eat a banana and head to the gym

MMABeats: At the end of the day what makes you look back and now it was a successful day ?
Ryan: At the end of the day, I can sleep well and feel successful as long as I know I gave my all in the training room.
I would like to thank Ryan for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer these few questions.