Coach Jamie Huey: The Ultimate Fighter 17 Team Sonnen Striking Coach

MMABeats: What is your MMA/ Combat Sports background?

Coach Jamie: My background is amateur boxing and co-founder of the second largest boxing program in the pacific northwest.

MMABeats: What is it like coaching Chael Sonnen?

Coach Jamie: When I am working with Chael it is more of a partnership than me coaching him. In all honesty Chael is more of a coach to me than i am to him. He is an amazing athlete to work with.

MMABeats: Who would you like to work with that you havent worked with before?

Coach Jamie: I would love to work with a guy like Frankie Edgar. But even more with guys I feel like could make a big improvements with my help. Also any of the guys from The Ultimate Fighter 17 Team Jones. like Adam Cella. I would love to work with several guys who didn’t make it onto the TUF17 show. Kito Andrews would be on the top of that list. I am willing to work with most anyone who is coachable, but my number one need is LOYALTY. I turn down a lot of work from fighters I call “gym jumpers” . They are fighters that jump from gym to gym their whole career. It is great to cross train at other gyms, and other teams, but I make it a priority to dedicate myself to the right people. Disloyal fighters are why I turn work down all the time. A fighter that is disloyal is the only type I will not work with.

MMABeats: I heard that Jon Jones tried to hire you away from Chael as his coach. What are your thoughts on that ?

Coach Jamie: Jon offered to retain my coaching services. he offered to double what ever Chael was paying me, but little did he know that Chael over pays his coaching staff. My counter offer to Jon was after Chael beats him on April 27,2013 is that when Chael retires i would be willing to help Jon get the title back. That is a true story, it happened in front of the cameras in the TUF gym, and nothing happens in the TUF gym without it being recorded.

MMABeats: How did Team Dark Side come into existence?

Coach Jamie: I told Coach Clayton Hires that he should show appreciation to his boss Brian for letting him take time off on such short notice to travel to corner Chael against Brian Stann. Clayton got Chael to sign the fight towel that was used during this fight for his boss whose name is also Brian. Chael won the fight by an arm triangle submission. Clayton gets the towel and asks Chael to sign it and to make it out to brian. Chael assumes Clayton meant Brian Stann. Chael looks at Clayton and says “Welcome to the dark side coach.”  Everyone knows we are the bad guys so Team Dark Side became our team  for TUF17.

MMABeats: During training camp what does a typical week consist of ?

Coach Jamie: 6-7pm boxing. 7-8pm padwork. 8-9pm sparring, and on Sundays add to that hill sprints and /or running steps to work on cardio.

MMABeats: What kind of music do you listen to while training ?

Coach Jamie: I listen to hiphop and Chael listens to 70s conutry.

I just want to thank Coach Jamie for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to me. I enjoyed this interview and look forward to talking to him again.

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