Joseph “Crush” Corneroli XFC Debut 2-22-13

Joseph and the Team Pitch Black folks

Joseph and the Team Pitch Black folks

I recently had the opportunity to interview Joseph “Crush” Corneroli who has his XFC debut on February 22, 2013 in Charlotte, NC. This debut has been six months in the making. Joseph is a welterweight with an MMA record of 8-1.

MMABeats: What is like training at Upstate Karate, with what are in my opinion some of the best fighters in the world ?  

Joseph: It is awesome! The sparring is very high level. When you are training with UFC fighters it is going to be at a high level. Two of my training partners are UFC fighters, Stephen “Wonderboy”  Thompson and Josh Janousek. The trainers are always pushing for me to give my very best and that keeps me progressing and improving.

MMABeats: What is your Martial Arts background ?

Joseph: Seven years ago I started training in kickboxing at Upstate Karate and 4.5 years ago I started training in BJJ  and MMA and training with Team Pitch Black. And 4 months after that i had my first MMA fight.

MMABeats: Are you an instructor at Upstate Karate or just training with Team Pitch Black ?

Joseph: I am an instructor, I teach Kempo Karate and adult and kids BJJ. I generally teach 5-6 classes a day. When you are an instructor you are showing others the techniques and by doing that you are more aware of what you have to do to get the move right, it makes you a better fighter and instructor.

MMABeats: I have heard that this fight had been previously scheduled. How does it feel to finally get this fight scheduled and know you are finally getting to make your debut ?

Joseph: It is nice to know I am finally going to get to fight. My opponent Ricky Rainey is a good striker and athletic but his only advantage will  be his reach. I feel like it is a good matchup.

MMABeats: What is on your Ipod that you like to  listen to while you are working out?

Joseph: All  kinds of music is on my Ipod. It isn’t necessarily work out music but I enjoy all kinds of music.

MMABeats: What do you do for fun?

Joseph: I enjoy hunting and camping and hiking and spending time outdoors. I also really enjoy spending time with my family.

MMABeats: What are some of the goals you have for your future in MMA ?

Joseph: To take it as far as I can and fight the best and become the best PERIOD !

MMABeats: What advice would you give to young people wanting to start training and fighting in MMA ?

Joseph: Find a good school or gym. Do research on the instructors and find the very best instructors you can find that will help you reach the goals you have for yourself.  Check out their martial arts pedigree. Also be willing yo work hard and have dedication and a solid work ethic. If you do not show up to practice do nt expect to see positive results.

 Thank you for your time Joseph!  I can not wait to watch you fight next week on AxsTv.


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