This is the true story of a father who has had his children kidnapped by his ex wife and her mother.
    This is the short version, and there are some really bad details, in 2010, after suffering my wife’s infidelities, alcoholism, and abuse of me and my sons, she ended up in jail for domestic assault and we separated. I was given custody by the judge and her visitation. I retired from the army and moved to Austin. During the last 2 years, she failed on many occasion to see her kids, her and her mom were investigated by Child Protective Services for abusing my sons, and my sons told a court ordered psychologist of the abuse and alcoholism and that they wanted to live with me. on more than one occasion my sons were brought back to me with bruises and cuts from discipline sessions. eventually, my wife had a major breakdown and Child Protective Services ordered supervised visits; she was not to be alone with her own kids anymore. This past june I dropped my sons off at my wife’s mothers house for summer break and never saw them again. My wife and her mother abducted my kids to Mexico and have demanded money from me to even hear my sons voices. My wife’s brothers, who live in Texas, confided to the police that they helped them get to Mexico.
    My oldest son is supposed to be medicated daily and receive quarterly checkups/treatment for early signs of Scoliosis, which is a curving of the spine . I have reason to believe my sons are back in Texas and have provided the police and FBI with the proof. I also have sufficient proof to believe my sons are in danger. they are with people who have a history of alcohol and abuse. I have no doubt they are not in school or getting the needed medical attention they need.
    Yet, as I sit here 221 days later there are no charges filed or warrants issued for my wife and her mother. Even NBC news is investigating the story now because it is mind-blowing. the kids were last seen in Tarrant county but the District Attorney there says they “cannot establish the abduction took place there” or that “she committed a crime” even though her brothers admitted it all to the police and she texted me it all. District Attorney  Joe Shannon says it is a civil matter despite it inarguably violating state law Interference with child custody which is a felony, extortion, and the federal International parental abduction act. I contacted Hill county where we met for the drop off, Williamson county where I live, Bell county where the judge issued orders, and Travis county for Austin city limits where I live and each one said they don’t have jurisdiction.
   So as it stands, an abusive mother has illegally abducted her kids and fled the country from Texas, yet according to Texas it didn’t happen in Texas and it wasnt illegal despite the judges custody orders, Child Protective Service orders, and a writ. also of interest, my sons are listed on the national and state databases as abducted and lists their mother as the abductor. yet, the District Attorney still says there was nothing criminal? Isn’t child abduction illegal?
    I plead, as a father who loves his sons more than his own life, if there is anything at all you can do…please help my sons, help me.
Thank you for reading this,
A Concerned Father,
Stephen James
I know this guy very well. Please if there is anything at all you can do to help get the word out about this PLEASE do. He is a very loving father and a retired military service member. He would literally give everything he has to get his kids back. He loves them and just wants them home safe with him where they belong. Thanks for taking time to read this and think about doing something to help, After 221 days of the boys missing he is to the point of having to start selling his belongings tocontine searching for his boys. PLEASE HELP IN ANYWAY YOU CAN !

Michael Chandler, BellatorMMA Lightweight Champion

Michael Chandler, BellatorMMA Lightweight Champion.

Press Release: XFC Increases WMMA Division Events

PRESS RELEASE: XFC announces increase in WMMA divisional bouts

XFC Womens division wmma
XFC Women – WMMA

Xtreme Fighting Championships has been at the forefront of WMMA since 2008, when it introduced their WMMA division with world class boxer, turned MMA fighter, Chevelle Hallback.  Instant popularity of female fights in the XFC began to spread throughout the MMA industry, and the company known for finding the Next Generation of MMA Fighters followed up their promise of finding and building rising stars, by signing Marianna Kheyfets following their Open Fighter Tryout in 2010.  Soon after, Kheyfets had her first fight live on national television to the HDNet viewers and thousands in attendance at the St. Pete Times Forum. Kheyfets went on to win 5 straight fights, quickly becoming a fan favorite and leaving HDNet viewers wanting more WMMA. Her success secured a spot not just for herself, but for other female fighters in the industry to have an opportunity to fight live on TV at future XFC events.

Blast ahead, three years later, where the XFC has now significantly increased the number of women on their roster, featuring three of the industry’s most solidified weight classes (Atomweight, Flyweight, & Strawweight). Now moving into 2013, the promotion has announced another significant increase, in their efforts to remain one of the leading supporters of Women in mixed martial arts. At XFC 23 in April, the XFC announced this morning that they are scheduling, 2 female bouts on the live side of the AXStv broadcast of XFC 23 in April. Something that no other promotion on national television is currently doing.

XFC President John Prisco has announced a tentative agreement between Stephanie Eggink versus  newly signed Angela Magana on tap, not only as part of the announced female double header, but also in the co-main position at XFC 23. Additionally, Angelica Chavez of the Chavez Dojo in New Mexico will make her XFC debut on the same card, with her opponent expected to be named in coming weeks. Prior to the April event, XFC fans will also see women’s MMA action in February at XFC 22, where Amateur phenom champion (now Pro) Pearl Gonzalez makes her XFC and national television debut against Suzie Montero at the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

XFC has already added Eggink, Magana, Gonzalez, and Chavez to the growing roster here in 2013, and the promotion is rumored to be adding several more fighters to each weight class, in preparation for title fights that could take place before the year’s end. To keep up with the XFC women’s divisions, bout announcements, and signings, visit www.OfficialXFC.com and follow the promotion daily on Facebook and Twitter ‘@OfficialXFC’.

ARTICLE LINK:  http://www.officialxfc.com/xfc-announces-increase-wmma-divisional-bouts-wmma-xfc/

Thank you to XFC for supplying this article and information.

Michael Chandler, BellatorMMA Lightweight Champion

BellatorMMA Lightweight Champion

BellatorMMA Lightweight Champion

I always enjoy talking to Michael Chandler! He is always so gracious and kind. He is definitely appreciative of his fans and their support.

MMABeats: Do you feel that there is any added pressure being a title holder, as Bellator goes into the new Spike TV era, where the audience will be larger?

Michael Chandler: I don’t feel any extra pressure. I put enough pressure on myself to do well and win and the move to Spike TV isn’t any extra pressure. I train hard and surround myself with great training partners and do everything in my power to be the best me I can be and have a winner’s attitude.

MMABeats: A topic of debate recently has been a number of Bellator standouts leaving to go to the UFC. That said, I have to imagine it’s an exciting time to stick with Bellator and have the opportunity to be one of the faces of the promotion on SPIKE TV. You’re beginning to grace most top-ten lists and are featured heavily in the promotional material for Bellator’s move to Spike TV. It has to feel good that the company is putting so much stock behind you, but does it ever become difficult to handle that all at such a young age and in a short time frame?

Michael Chandler: It is a part of the job as a fighter to do all the promotional events and help entice people to watch the fights. I am thankful  for my fans and appreciate the support. It is nice to be used to help promote BellatorMMA. I hope in the future to become the face of the brand. I am young, single, no attachments, and able to travel to do the public relations events. I told Bjorn Rebney thatI was willing to be used as much as possible to help promote the fights and the promotion.

MMABeats: How does knowing the audience, on SpikeTV, will be much later than on MTV2 make you feel ?

Michael Chandler: The move to Spike has the potential to reach over one million viewers where on MTV2 we might have a few hundred thousand viewers. This potential is very exciting to me. The exposure is HUGE for Bellator as well as the fighters.

MMABeats: What do you think of the title rematch with out having to go through the tournament process?

Michael Chandler:  It is really cool. It is designexd to keep the title holders busy. At the end of the day the rematches are designed to keep the title holders busier. My goal is to keep belt and win with dominance.

MMABeats: How has the adjustment of moving from Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas to Alliance in San Diego been ?

Michael Chandler: It has been easy. All i have been doing is training, eating, sleeping, training and doing it all over again. Basically wash, rinse, repeat. In San Diego I have more high level training partners. It has been a really healthy move. I am able to travel and explore and do thingsI have never had the opportunity to do before.

You hold wins over two of the promotion’s top lightweights in Eddie Alvarez and Patricky  “Pitbull”. How do you feel Rick Hawn ranks against them as an opponent?

Michael Chandler: Eddie Alvarez is a top five fighter and Patricky “Pitbull” is a top fifteen fighter. I continue to work hard to get better in every area of my fight game and prove to people, that I deserve to be fighting the best in the world.

MMABeats: What is on your Ipod ??
Michael Chandler: Eli Young Band, Jason Aldean, Young the Giant and Ben Rector. I am looking for my next walkout song and these are some of the bands I am considering a song to use for it.

MMABeats: What words of encouragement would you give to up and coming fighters ??

Michael Chandler: Do not train in MMA until after you finish your wrestling career. Wrestle in highschool and college. When you are wrestling you learn to compete on a higher level. When you are competing on a collegiate level you are wrestling some of the best athletes in the country. Competing on these levels teach you mental strength as well as a higher level of physical training. Wrestling gives you a leg up when you start your MMA training.

Michael’s next fight will be January 17th, 2013 on SpikeTV at 10:00 PM EST. His opponent will be Rick Hawn.