Miesha Tate: Not Only Can She Bake She Can Ground and Pound!

MMABeats: How did you get started in MMA??

Miesha: I began wrestling at age 15, I discovered my love for Contact sports there. I found MMA at age 19, it didn’t take much to discover my love for that either.

MMABeats: What inspires you ?

Miesha: I just want to be one of the best and go down in history as an honorable fighter and a good role model for other women in all walks of life to follow their passion & dreams

MMABeats: If you weren’t an MMA fighter what would you be doing ?

Miesha: I’d own my own cupcakery.

MMABeats: Who is your biggest influence in MMA and in life ?

Miesha: Bryan Caraway, he’s been there for the past 6 years of my career. He’s my biggest supporter.

MMABeats: What has been the hardest thing for you to accomplish in MMA ??

Miesha: Learning how to deal with haters, social media seems to give people the balls to say things they would NEVER say to your face. It used to sting but it doesn’t anymore, I make a lot more jokes to brush off any negativity

MMABeats: Where / when was your first fight and who was it with ?

Miesha: 2006 in Wenatchee Wa, it was my first Amateur fight vs Liz Posener

MMABeats:  What would you consider your fighting style?

Miesha: A hard-hitting grappler

MMABeats: Why do you think it has been so hard for “mainstream” MMA fans to accept WMMA as legitimate ?

Miesha: Because they aren’t as tough as us haha! In all seriousness it will just take time before it becomes the norm, just like women wearing pants.

MMABeats: What do you think it will take for WMMA to be accepted ??

Miesha: Just time, that and continuous main stream coverage

I just want to say thank you to Miesha for taking time to answer these questions and say Good Luck in your fight August 18, 2012 and also HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you win and that could be the best birthday present EVER !!