Featured Fighter : Jake “The Juggernaut” Ellenberger

MMABeats: How did you get started in MMA?

Jake: I watched a friend fight and became a fan. The more I watched the more interested I became and started training and the rest is history.

MMABeats: Did you have a martial arts background before or has it all been learned since you started MMA ?

Jake: Just wrestling, though when i was in the Marine Corps I had a combatives course.

MMABeats: What would consider your fighting style ?

Jake: I am a wrestler but like to think of myself as a well rounded fighter.

MMABeats: Who has been your biggest influence in your MMA career?

Jake: My family in general, and through being a follower of Christ, my faith.

MMABeats: What inspires you?

Jake: My twin brother Joe inspires me. I have watched how he has overcome adversity and health issues to become a great fighter and all around good person.

MMABeats: What has been your biggest accomplishment?

Jake: My fight at UFN25 in New Orleans, Louisiana beating Jake Shields. That is major because he is a former champion. 

MMABeats: Where and when was your first fight?

Jake: My first fight was in Omaha, Nebraska

MMABeats: What was your first walkout song?

Jake: Right Now by Korn

MMABeats: Do you think your choice of walkout song has the chance of changing the way your fans perception of you?

Jake: A little, people are going to think what they are going to think no matter what song you use. I let my fighting do the talking.

MMABeats: When is your next fight?

Jake: February 15th in Omaha Nebraska on Fuel TV vs Diego Sanchez

This post will be updated as soon as i get an email back from Jake after his fight! 🙂

Respect | Tim Kennedy gives it to us straight about Iran, his duty as a sniper and retiring from MMA

When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Keep Going

when the going gets tough, the tough keep on going !!

Featured Fighter: Tim Kennedy

I enjoyed this interview because of what Tim stands for and his strong patriotic spirit. Thank you Tim for your service and taking the time to do this interview!

MMABeats: How did you get started in MMA ??

Tim: I started doing a few different martial arts as a kid. I started with Karate and then moved onto Japanese jujitsu. I did that for a few years then started wrestling. I though I was pretty tough till a kid named Jake Shields came into my gym and balled me up. He was training at a place called The Pit. Months later I started training there with Chuck Liddell, and all the superstars of what would later become MMA.

MMABeats: Did you have a martial arts background before or has it all been learned since you started MMA?

Tim: Yes.

MMABeats: What Inspires you?

Tim: The men standing to my right and left, liberty, my family, my friends, fear of losing. 

MMABeats: Who has been your biggest influence in your MMA career?

Tim: The military has shaped me into being the athlete I am today. I was gifted with some great genes, and I always got my on my God given athletic ability. I was lazy and undisciplined. I have learned how to train, eat, and focus because of my time in the Army.

MMABeats: What was your first walkout song? where was your first fight ?

Tim: My first fight was an unsanctioned 8 man tournament in Stockton, CA. I walked out singing to my opponent the Culture Club performing Do You Really Want To Hurt Me.

MMABeats: What are your top 5 favorite songs to get your pumped up to workout or you just like to listen to?

Tim: Rooster by Alice In Chains, Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People, Sail by Awolnation, Ballad of the Green Beret by Barry Sadler, Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue by Toby Keith

MMABeats: Why do you choose the songs you do for your walkout songs and what is the significance of the song to you?

Tim: I walkout to Rooster by Alice In Chains because I think that the Vietnam Vet and our Iraq/Afghanistan Vets have a lot in common. I walkout to the song because it reminds me of why I fight. It reminds me that I am part of a bigger and more important thing than just fighting. It reminds me that I have been blown up, I have been water boarded, shot at, and dedicated myself to something greater than myself. It reminds me that this is just a fight, and I hope it reminds everyone else listening that our Vets needs their support.

MMABeats: Do you think your choice of walkout song has the chance to change your fans perception of you?

Tim: I don’t care if it changes their perception of me. I do hope that they consider why I walkout to that song, and think about all the Vets that have sacrificed so much for them.

Jake Ellenberger (blue trunks) vs Carlos Condit (red trunks)


One of the most motivating videos I have watched in a long long time