MMABeats: How did you get started in MMA ??

Ryan: I first got started in MMA by a neighborhood friend that was taking kickboxing classes and was looking for someone to spar. I was the only kid in the neighboorhood stupid enough to agree to sparring with him and after the first time in the ring I was hooked.  After kickboxing a few times my brother and I rented the UFC from our local movie store  and started immulating the moves we say.  We went through every UFC the store had starting at UFC 1.  From the first time I saw an mma fight it was the only thing I ever wanted to do and has been my passion ever since.

MMABeats: What was your 1st walkout song?

Ryan: My first fight was in 2002 when I was a senior in high school and I came out to the Metallica song Seek and Destroy. It is a hard hitting song and I felt it summed up my fighting style- in your face, fast-paced, and aggressive. 

MMABeats: What are your top 5 favorite songs to get your pumped up to workout??

Ryan: I am usually always pumped up to workout naturally because it is what I love to do.  I like to workout to something
that has a beat and I can groove to.
1. Atmosphere- Saves the Day
2. Deltron 3030- Mastermind
3. Damian Marley- It was written
4. Obi Trice- Dont come down
5. John Holt- Police in Helicopter

MMABeats: When is your next fight?

Ryan: My next fight is February 18 against John Alessio for Score fighting championship in Canada.  It will be a tough scrap and I am looking forward to challenging myself against an all around tough opponent.


this meant a lot to me when i read it ! Thanks Mike for posting it !!

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Featured Fighter: Bruno Carvalho

When I did this interview i was surprised at how diverse Bruno’s family background is in Martial Arts. He lives in Sweden now but was born and raised in Brazil.
MMABeats: How did you get started in MMA ??
Bruno: My grandpa fought vale-tudo in the 50’s my uncles in the 90’s so it was just a consequence for me, I’ve trained judo and BJJ since I was 3.
MMABeats: Did you have a martial arts background before starting in MMA?
Bruno: Well think I answered it already! LOL
MMABeats: Who was the biggest influence in your getting started in MMA??
Bruno: hahah I’ve said all in the first one, my grandpa n my uncles were my heroes!
MMABeats: What was your 1st walkout song? What is this significance of this song to you ?
Bruno: My very first fight was, kinda crazy I used some Eminen music just coz we used to listen to it in practice!
MMABeats: Why do you choose the songs that you do for your walkout songs ? What is this significance of these songs to you ?
Bruno: I’ve used Thunderstruck – ACDC, for most of my fights, I like it n it put me in the right mind state to fight so I don’t change
MMABeats: Do you think that your walkout song can change the way your fans see you?
Bruno: Think so, they are used to the thunder hehehe
MMABeats: What are your top 5 favorite songs to get your pumped up to workout or you just like to listen to??
Bruno: I don’t really care much about that, whatever the guys bring to the gym, they put on and we train hard
MMABeats: When is your next fight and for what promotion?
Bruno: I’m fighting on 27th January for MFC, it’ll be a great fight and a great show!
Thank you for your time Bruno!

FEATURED FIGHTER: Duane “Bang” Ludwig

I enjoyed interviewing Duane “Bang” Ludwig. He is the Unofficial Quickest KO holder. 4 SECONDS!! 🙂 He is also an Avid Round5 figurine collector. Thanks for taking the time to answer these few questions Duane!

MMABeats: How long have you being involved in Muay Thai ??

Duane: 18 years now, it’s been a very interesting journey. 

MMABeats: How did you get started in MMA ??

Duane: Bas Rutten got me into King of the Cage and from there, my life lead to this interview. 

MMABeats: What was your 1st walkout song?

Duane: I have no idea, the promotion would pick.

MMABeats: What are your top 5 favorite songs to get your pumped up to workout??

Duane: I listen to a lot did music but I don’t ever try to get pumped up for a workout, it’s always just in me. I love 80s music though, eminem, delerium and pretty much most music. 

MMABeats: When is your next fight ?

Duane: UFC on FX January 20, 2012


Ulysses Gomez’s Tachi Palace Fights Bantamweight Championship match